Free to Schools & Bus Companies & Any organization that transfers kiddos!

Bus.Watch is free to schools and bus companies and organizations that manage buses or transportation vehicles. This means there are no monthly service charges and there is no specialized equipment to install in the buses!

Download & Track Your Bus

Track your child's bus in realtime today by downloading the mobile app on your device.

How it works

  1. School District or Organization signs up for a free admin account at

  2. Administrator enters in Bus Names or Route Names into the system (For example: Elementary AM Bus 17)

  3. Bus drivers use their own smartphone or smartphone provided to them and install the Bus.Watch application on their device. Once installed the driver can choose a route when ready and start the tracker!

  4. Parents then download the Bus.Watch App on their iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone device and choose the routes they would like to track live on their phone.